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It's noon on Monday with renewals coming up in two weeks. The board is meeting a week from today, which means you and your only analyst have to spend at least three days this week pulling loss runs from two TPA's and three carriers, not to mention the TPA that you left five years ago, but still has that claim that just won't go away. Why can't all of these loss runs just match with the same codes and financials?

By the way, the board is looking for a loss forecast for next week's meeting as well. Looks like you'll be spending some extra time at the office this week putting together a loss triangle as well.

Sound familiar? We know.

Most clients using the eRIMS2 claims management module use the system to aggregate loss data from one or more TPA or carrier. Our data management team has experience importing claims from virtually every TPA and carrier system in business today. They're good at making our client's lives easier and here's why:
  • Your job is to do nothing. Once we set up the import with all of the approved data, code and financial mappings, we handle everything from there. We communicate regularly with the carrier or TPA, resolve data exceptions (where we can), and let you know when your new data has been imported.
  • We don't charge you every time we import the data. Want to import claim data weekly? No problem. How about at 8AM, Noon and 4PM every weekday? No problem. It's the same price that you pay for only ONCE.
And did we mention that you will never hear us utter the words Service Hours??

Some of the common TPA and Carriers that we import are:
  • SRS/Hartford
  • REM Ltd.
  • CorVel
  • Travelers
  • Sedgwick
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Chartis (including TPAIR)
  • Zurich

eRIMS2 in action

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