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Your business will change over time.

One of the more common issues we hear from new and prospective clients is that their current RMIS or claims management software accomplished what they were looking for at first, but as their business and processes changed over time, their system wasn't able to change with them.

Rarely does a client implement eRIMS2 and not make changes to the system within the first six months of going live. It is a critical component of Emerson's solution and we will continue to grow with your organization.

Here's how we are able to keep up with your needs:
  1. eRIMS2 is a module based system. Instead of bogging down your entire organization with a bulky solution that you will only use 20% of, eRIMS2 provides the ability to implement and pay for only the specific solutions that you need. Many of our clients will initially purchase the COI tracking module, only to find that as the months and years go by and as they continue to grow, there becomes a need to manage claims in a more automated fashion.
  2. Customization is a standard feature of virtually every eRIMS2 implementation, and is usually able to be implemented in a shorter time-frame (and less expensive) than many of the "out of the box" solutions. And guess what? Within six months of going live, you'll probably need to make a few more changes that either weren't an issue during implementation, or weren't thought of. No problem - it's part of your annual maintenance.
  3. Per-seat user license fees are nowhere to be found in our contract. You have the ability to add and remove system users at your convenience without paying anything additional for them. Some Emerson clients have 250+ users accessing eRIMS2 to manage claims, conduct facility inspections, or simply run reports.
  4. Many of the features granted to the system administrator give the client the flexibility to make changes on the fly, including: business rule management to generate email notifications, auto-diaries or field updates; field and code maintenance; contact and distribution list management and more.
And did we mention that you will never hear us utter the words Service Hours??

Lastly, our data team rocks. They have experience converting data from many of the large risk management software providers, including:
  • CS Stars
  • Aon Risk Console
  • Aon iVOS
  • CSC Riskmaster

eRIMS2 in action

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