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Web-Based Risk Management Software
Is eRIMS2 customizable?
Yes, unlike many of our competitors, Emerson Software Solutions believes that a customer should be able to get what they need and get only what they want from our software. eRIMS2 was built to be customized for our clients.

Is eRIMS2 a web-based application?

Can multiple users log into the eRIMS2 system concurrently?
Yes, the system has recently passed a stress test for 500 concurrent users.

Does eRIMS2 have multiple security authorization levels?
Yes, the system administrator can create as many security groups as necessary based on specific security roles that provide add, edit or delete functionality.

Can external data be imported into eRIMS2?
Emerson has the capability of importing data from various sources, including all major TPA's and Insurance Carriers. Most clients also choose to import data from HR or Legal applications as well.

Does eRIMS2 have extensive reporting capabilities?
eRIMS2 contains many standard reports that can be filtered, grouped and sorted by any field within the system. Distribution lists also provide the ability to burst data across an organization via email or virtual report folders. Custom and Ad Hoc reporting is also available within eRIMS2.

Can we use our existing claim numbering system when importing previous data into eRIMS2?
Yes, eRIMS2 can automatically generate claim numbers, with the formula tailored to the client's needs.

Can eRIMS2 track multiple claims per occurrence?
Yes, this is a standard feature of the eRIMS2. Claim reports can also be generated by occurrence.

Can you host eRIMS2 or recommended someone who will?
We can provide hosting, or the client can host the database and application internally.

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