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Web-Based Risk Management Software
Module Listing
Emerson Software Solution's risk management software, eRIMS2, is a modular, web-based solution
that is sold by the module.

What does "sold by the module" mean? Quite simply, you pay for what you want. We're not going to try and convince you that you need a huge, enterprise-wide, risk management software solution when all you're looking to do is managing incoming certificates.

But - should you want more than a single module to be implemented, they are all interactive. For example, the Claims Management module will work independently, but if you're also using the Policy Management module to maintain all of the various policies within your program, they system will assign the correct policy to the correct claims so that you can measure your policy erosion. By the way, we'll let you know when you need to alert your excess carrier as well.

Here is a list of many of our software modules. If you'd like more information, just click the link next to the module you're interested in and let us know.
  • Claims Management - Manage claims of all lines of business, including document management, custom letters, financials, diary system and more. Interface with TPA's and Carriers.
  • Incident Management - Easy intake of incidents with auto-notification, investigation, OSHA logs and TPA/Carrier reporting.
  • Property Management - Manage all aspects of property management including COPE data, values, ownership, contacts and more. Simple spreadsheet import of values provided. Can interface with RS Means, Marshall & Swift, etc.
  • Policy Management - Maintain all policies, premiums, deductibles, layers, quota shares and more. Assign to properties and claims for policy erosion and premium allocation.
  • Import and Export - Seamlessly integrate external data into any module from TPA's, Carriers, HR Systems, etc. Easily export data to other systems including Accident information to TPA.
  • Return to Work - Simple interface to maintain transitive job duties that can be assigned to injured employees. Sleek calendar interfaces allows for simple viewing of job assignments.
  • Certificate of Insurance - Manage incoming Certificates for vendors, tenants or contractors to assure required coverage with automatic notification letters.
  • Environmental/Pollution - Stay on top of all aspects of environmental needs including tanks, permits, audits, SPCC's, Phase I's with automatic notifications.
  • Fleet Management - Track vehicles and maintenance and associate them with locations and drivers.
  • Driver Management - Stay on top of driver safety by scoring your drivers based on training, infractions, claims, complaints and more.
  • Lease Management - Manage leases for properties owned, leased or sub-leased, including rent projections, lease terms, contact management and security detail.
  • Purchasing Management - Provides the ability to manage asset purchases, service contracts and lease-rental agreements for multiple locations and divisions. COI interface provides a coverage check before new purchases are bought.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Case management for customer service departments to handle complaints or comments
  • Equipment/Supply Management - Manage supplies or equipment by employee, department, car or division.
  • Reports - Create and schedule ad hoc reports on the fly with any field in the system with graphical charts. All reports can be scheduled and delivered via email or virtual folder in Excel, Word or PDF formats.

eRIMS2 in action

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